Endorsements for Tom Mrakas

Laura & Jeff Lueloff

Aurora Residents

As residents of Aurora since 2004 we have witnessed the tremendous growth and expansion of our town – including population, infrastructure, services and economic development. I have known Tom Markas since 2015 during our shared time on the Aurora Trails and Active Transportation Advisory Committee.

It was as clear then as it is now that Mayor Mrakas has a progressive, genuine and authentic approach to leadership. His ability to connect with the community while continuously supporting and advocating for the citizens of our Town is apparent on a daily basis. Throughout the pandemic, Mayor Mrakas not only kept our community informed he also demonstrated outstanding support for local businesses and the safety of our citizens. His open communication and leadership approach has been exactly what Aurora needed during challenging times. It is also important to note, Tom has been a strong voice and advocate outside of our community with his involvement on Committees such as the Small Urban GTHA Mayors and the Provincial OMB Working Group – Further demonstrating his commitment to advocacy on critical issues.

My husband Jeff and I fully endorse Tom Mrakas in the upcoming municipal election to continue as Mayor for the Town of Aurora.  

Koula Koliviras

Koula Koliviras

Aurora Resident

Tom Mrakas the mayor that “gets things done” is a long time friend and neighbour. He is dedicated to his family, friends and the residents of Aurora, a town he is truly passionate about. His commitment to inclusivity, growth and development has made Aurora an inviting town to live in and an exciting community to be a part of.

Jenn Eden

Aurora Resident

I’ve been a proud Aurora resident for 15 years and also lucky to be able to work in the area. I have seen incredible growth and yet Tom is always able to keep what makes Aurora great….small town feel with incredible heart. Since Tom was elected, my family and I have never felt more supported in all aspects of our community. We are proud to support Tom as he seeks re-election. #auroraproud #gettingthingsdone

Joe Bentolila

Joe Bentolila

President, Aurora Minor Hockey Association

I have known Mayor Tom Mrakas for several years. During this time, Tom has proven himself as a very effective and trustworthy leader for the Town of Aurora.

As President of the Aurora Minor Hockey Association, I have had the opportunity to discuss many scenarios which have led to a better place for kids to play hockey. Tom demonstrates a very good understanding of the needs for sports recreation for all – young and old.

On a more personal note, the respect Tom has for all Aurorans’ is very evident as he always makes himself available when you need an answering to something. He works very hard to make sure the Town of Aurora is the best place to live.

Mayor Tom Mrakas has my endorsement and I ask that you join me in supporting his campaign and let’s continue to get things done!

Jason J. K. Scott

Aurora Resident

Tom Mrakas is a principled leader who loves the people and town he serves.  He does what he says he’ll do with his unwavering integrity. Those actions are always based in Doing the Right Things for the Right Reasons. Tom lives “Be Your Best Self” so that the Town of Aurora can be it’s Best Self.  I’m proud to have Tom Mrakas leading our town, and I strongly encourage you to help make that happen.

Marvin Alexander

Marvin Alexander

Founder, Keller Williams Realty Centres

I would like to express my full support of Mayor Tom Mrakas in seeking re-election. As a resident and long-standing business owner in Aurora, I have been very impressed with Tom’s interaction and involvement with the community throughout his tenure as Mayor. I have never seen such community involvement by any mayor AFTER being elected.

Also very admirable, is his accessibility when needed, and his inclusive approach to all members of our community. Tom most certainly has my vote, and I am hopeful that he has yours as well.

Luisa Rocca

Luisa Rocca

Aurora Resident & Business Owner - Aurora School of Fine Arts

I am pleased to support Mayor Mrakas in the upcoming municipal elections. With his authentic care and commitment to our town, he is consistently supportive and ever-present for many initiatives. From attending charity fundraisers to student graduations, his energetic and compassionate presence reflects the importance of community connections. Mayor Mrakas is an excellent communicator who listens and is always approachable. He does not shy away from concerns and demonstrates resilience with dedication. With his friendly manner, he keeps us informed and initiates collaboration as much as possible. He is a visionary who is developing new ideas and bringing our town forward in these changing and challenging times. His leadership has helped Aurora embrace a greater sense of inclusivity and diversity while always maintaining a strong sense of unity which makes Aurora so unique. Looking forward to what the future brings for our Town!

Roy Cohen

President, Aurora Youth Soccer Club

By far the most engaged Mayor in my thirty five years in Aurora. The first four years have been EXCELLENT. Thank you for caring. So refreshing to see true commitment and follow through. Looking forward to another term of great accomplishments.

Bianca Martins Pham

Resident & Business Owner

I am happy to support Mayor Mrakas for re-election. Mayor Mrakas proudly represents the Town with his signature charisma, passion and results-driven approach.  He has maintained a constant commitment to engaging with residents and businesses in support of our community’s vision and development.

Mayor Mrakas has demonstrated the leadership and tireless devotion to his office that will continue to get things done!

Jennifer Ettinger

Jennifer Ettinger

Aurora Resident

Congratulations to Mayor Tom Mrakas on his decision to run for Mayor of Aurora for a second term.

The mayor is always connected and responsive to the residents of Aurora, and I believe he will continue to serve us well!

Vicki Carruthers

Aurora Resident, Artist

It has been such a pleasure to get to  know Tom Mrakas through his amazing commitment to the Town of Aurora and his passion to bring public art to brighten up spaces in Aurora 😊 From our very first meeting Tom has been very approachable and available. A great communicator and very involved and enthusiastic. I was so excited to see my mural come to life in Aurora and I am grateful to Tom for making this happen. I definitely hope Tom has the opportunity for a second term as Mayor in Aurora. He has so much more he wants to do.

Steve D’Angeli

Aurora Resident and Committee of Adjustment Member

Tom’s commitment and visibility as Aurora Mayor has been fantastic, and his accessibility and responsiveness to resident concerns is incredible. He does a great job of walking the fine line between growing Aurora and maintaining the green spaces and small town feel, and I’m especially appreciative of his involvement in community environmental and planning issues. I look forward to many more years of his energy and support.”

Zach King

Aurora Resident & Realtor

I’d like to express my full support for the re-election of Mayor Tom Mrakas. As a resident of Aurora for 20+ years, Tom stands out as one of the most vital and influential members of our community. His continued efforts for inclusiveness and growth are notably the most impactful aspects of his profound leadership. Tom is a strong supporter of local businesses, sports teams, community events, and all groups and individuals in Aurora. He branches the gap between politicians and citizens, and I am continually impressed with his interactions and involvement.
Tom defines the statement “getting things done”. In my years of living in Aurora, Tom continues to prove himself as responsible, efficient, and informative. In addition to getting things done, you will find him posting in the facebook group ‘Aurora – our town’ to inform our community. As an example, Tom recently highlighted the recent business growth and redevelopment activities of Aurora. This list helped shed light on how these businesses and redevelopment activities will impact the Aurora community in the future.
With Tom’s continued leadership, responsibility, optimism, and care for his community, I firmly believe Aurora will continue to thrive as one of the finest places to live.
Jenny Cockram

Jenny Cockram

Aurora Resident

I am endorsing Tom Mrakas for Mayor of Aurora because I feel very strongly about how Aurora moves forward in the next four years. I believe Tom is a candidate that has proven he can lead effectively; is accessible if I have questions or concerns; and is always open to a discussion when we have a difference of opinion. Listening to both sides helps clarify decisions. Tom encourages people to come together and is regularly out in the community supporting local initiatives. I have never seen so many activities drawing people to our downtown core. A Mayor who is visible in the Community is important to me and for all of these reasons, I am happy to be endorsing him.

Christie Miller

Christie Miller

Aurora Resident

Mayor Tom is a Politician I have supported from the moment I met him. His love for our town and his connection to our community is strong and unwavering. Our beautiful town is lucky to have a leader so vested in the people and the spirit of Aurora.

Mark Heese

Aurora Resident, Olympian & Aurora Sports Hall of Famer

I am happy to support Mayor Mrakas for re-election, because he has proven to me that he really cares about the town of Aurora. When I moved to Aurora 22 years ago, I came here because I thought it was an amazing place to raise a family in a healthy community. I still feel that way today, and I believe Mayor Mrakas will continue to work hard to keep it that way.

Joanne Russo

Aurora Resident & Business Owner - President, Licensed Insolvency Trustee

As a resident of Aurora and a business owner, I can proudly say that you will be receiving my vote in the upcoming election. Your vision and focus for our Community is exactly what we need in a Mayor. Your belief in a healthy community, innovation, the need for continued support in our healthcare and affordable housing are a few examples of where change is needed. I have personally sat on a few Boards with you, (especially during the pandemic) and you have shown empathy where needed. During your term, you have shown our community that you care for your people and that change is needed. You have shown that our voice matters and you will walk us through every step of the way to get the job done.

Neill Kernohan

Aurora Resident, President - Theatre Aurora

I can’t think of a better ambassador for our town than Tom. As mayor, he has moved Aurora forward in so many ways. I’m looking forward to the next four years and what’s next!

Jodi Tavares

President, York Region Football Association and President, Ontario Fall Football League

Tom is a caring and compassionate leader, that has demonstrated time and time again his commitment to ensuring accessibility of programming for all residents. As a non profit leader based in Aurora, Tom has worked closely with myself and our community organization to expand programming, reduce costs, maximize funding opportunities and access to quality facilities. He deeply respects our community, and genuinely cares about the town and its residents. One of the key priorities I look for when supporting leaders is their willingness to get involved, know their constituents, and be available. This is Tom! He’s always ready to listen, solve problems and will proactively reach out to lead initiatives he knows will benefit our community. I’m so pleased to endorse Tom Mrakas in his bid to remain Mayor of Aurora. Tom is what our town needs!

Hoda Hussein & Sam Soliman

Hoda Hussein & Sam Soliman

Aurora Residents

Do what’s right!

Mr Mayor Tom Mrakas has done right to all of us.

Let’s do our part too.

I Hoda Hussein, and my husband Sam Soliman, are proud to be endorsing Mr Tom Mrakas, to lead the way once again, pave the path, for the town of Aurora.

We could not be more than proud to be represented by a Mayor that is true to his word and townspeople, has ethical values, and loyalty to all.

This town is made for walking, and that we shall do, with unity, inclusiveness, ethical values , and a true understanding of humanity, and let’s not forget putting our money where it counts!

Born and raised in this town, I’m an Auroraian, and these two Auroraian’s are endorsing you Mr Tom Mrakas for Mayor!

Let’s go!!!

Lenard Lind

Lenard Lind

Business Owner

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for many years and he is true to his word about getting things done. His commitment to supporting local business is unwavering. During the pandemic he assembled a committee to help support those in need and advocated for those that could not for themselves. He is passionate about his community especially Aurora’s downtown core. His vision of creating a vibrant and bustling downtown has always been one of his many goals and I fully support his vision to make Aurora’s downtown one of the best places to visit in York Region. As a former business owner, he understands first-hand the importance of supporting small local businesses and the benefits that come from investing in them. I am supporting Tom because I believe in his vision for our community and his revitalization plan for our downtown core. The work has only just begun with the highly anticipated Aurora Town Square and creation of Machell’s Alley to name a few, and the best is yet to come and can only be realized with Tom as our Mayor.

Deb Clark

Deb Clark

Owner, Oakridge Fashion Inc.

It is my pleasure to endorse Tom Mrakas for re-election to the Office of Mayor of Aurora. Tom has clearly been engaged with citizens and their causes across this town on a daily basis and shown that he has a deep concern for the well-being of our town; its communities, neighbourhoods, people and businesses. As a downtown business, all of us at Oakridge’s appreciate Tom’s support and push to re-engage our downtown core to make it a vibrant area that attracts and delights our local residents and visitors from out of town. We at Oakridge’s are endeavouring to support that mission and are delighted to have Tom continue leading this goal and our Town into the coming years.

Robert Stewart

Business Owner (Wicked Eats)

It is with great pleasure and honour that I endorse the incumbent mayoral candidate Tom Mrakas, to retain his post in the town of Aurora. After growing up in Aurora and spending numerous years In Thornhill, I returned to the Aurora area to live and work.

I have spent many years working across Canada and the United States and have opened numerous businesses in a variety of markets. We opened our location in Aurora to many challenges due to Covid and without the ability to serve guests inside our restaurant. There was an unpublicized soft opening with only 4 tables and takeout to serve the people of Aurora. Tom and his wife Alison dropped in on our third day of opening, where he welcomed us to Aurora with open arms.

Over the last year, Tom and I have had numerous upbeat and candid discussions about the Town, the Province, and the Country. He recognizes the need for strong growth through economic development to provide employment and stability to the trade area. He is an individual that encourages community involvement to gets things done. He spends countless hours interacting with local businesses and supports our local sports teams with an unbridled passion.

It has been a breath of fresh air dealing with Tom and the Town of Aurora. We could use more people like Tom in public office showing us the way to get things moving especially after the years of uncertainty.

Elizabeth Matthews RHN, NNCP, PTS

Aurora Resident & Business Owner - Matthews Fitness and Nutrition, Elizabeth’s Fit Community

In our over 16 years of doing business in Aurora, no other mayor has stepped up for local businesses the way Tom Mrakas has. He’s been approachable, accessible and helpful in so many ways. We believe his vision for the future of Aurora will continue to keep our town thriving.

Edmund Yeung

Aurora Resident (Ward 6)

Working with Mayor Mrakas has been an exceptional experience. He is very responsive to and supportive of our community. He hosted two informative Zoom sessions with more than 100 participants. The leadership demonstrated during the calls was well recognized by everyone. On his track record, he received 52 majority support for the 57 motions he brought forward. It was just impressive!

Jan Hubble

Aurora Resident

As a resident of twenty -eight years it is my pleasure to endorse and support Tom Mrakas for another term for Mayor of Aurora.  In the past four years I have found him to be dedicated, fair , of sound judgement, focused and committed to our town and to the residents in it!

Cathy Myers

Owner - Filly & Co.

Tom has been a fantastic mayor of our town. He constantly supports community events, and our communities businesses. Tom has been a great and long time standing customer of ours at Filly & Co and we couldn’t imagine our town without him. It is our pleasure to support and endorse him during this election!

Tricia Wright

Aurora Resident

Tom’s approachability, and availability, along with his support of local business and charities have been admirable. Whether he’s at Aurora Farmers’ Market, concerts in the Town Park or just out and about around Aurora, you’ll find Tom mingling and engaging with fellow Aurorans. Tom’s leadership has resulted in numerous improvements for our Town in the last 4 years. Tom has my full support and I look forward to his re-election for another term as he continues to address Aurora’s growth in population, housing and transit needs. Thanks for getting things done Tom!

Ryan Gardner

Aurora Resident, Aurora Sports Hall of Famer

I support Mayor Mrakas for re-election for the Town of Aurora. Tom has a vision for this great community and has already put action to his plan. He supports our small businesses and most importantly cares deeply about all our residents. I look forward to the future of this great town under his continued hard work and leadership.

Sheryl Thomas

Executive Director - Marquee Theatrical Productions

Mayor Tom Mrakas attends and supports MANY town events and initiatives. He cares about Aurora and the people who live here. I’ve been impressed that he always finds a way to carve out some time from his very busy schedule for a chat when ever I’ve had concerns or questions about anything. I am looking forward to another 4 years with Mayor Mrakas leading the way.

Joel Gouveia

Aurora Resident

Ever since I started running Aurorapalooza a few years ago, Tom has shown nothing but unconditional support. As Aurora’s Mayor he allow residents to show off their entrepreneurial spirit and encourages small businesses, something that is so important to a small town like ours. In the 25 years that I’ve lived in Aurora I’ve never experienced a mayor that communicates on such a personal level to the community. From birthday wishes to residents on Facebook, to taking phone calls on weekends, to responding to emails promptly, I don’t think there is no one better fit to run our Town. Tom always makes himself available for events around the town, and actually listens what event organizers like myself have to say. Throughout COVID-19- Mayor Mrakas did everything in his power to keep small businesses alive and he has my full support for the next election. Personable, transparent, productive, and caring. What else could you ask for?

Kimberley Kwak

Aurora Resident

Tom has proven in the past 4 years that he is what every politician should strive to be. He is genuine, compassionate, knowledgeable, approachable and experienced. The time and effort Tom puts in to actively be out there in our community is outstanding and his quick response to Aurorans concerns is like none other. I proudly support and endorse Tom Mrakas for re election as Mayor of Aurora.

Tanya Christine Zoebelein

Tanya Christine Zoebelein

Aurora Resident

I have known Tom well over 15 years. There are few people in politics these days who are true to themselves and those they represent. Tom is just that… he IS and DOES what he says. Aurora is beyond lucky to have him. Now let’s KEEP him.

Chris and Sara Gordon

Chris & Sara Gordon

Aurora Residents

Tom has proven his dedication to our town through his eagerness in being a part of all significant events by showing up to interact and engage with the people of Aurora to hear what matters to us. His presence in the community can be felt both through social media and his willingness to have one on one meetings and conversations with members of our community. Tom has demonstrated that he has what it takes to continue making Aurora the best place to live! We look forward to supporting him in his re-election this Fall.

Alex Herrington

Director/Owner - The North Dance Company

It is my sincere pleasure to endorse Mayor Tom Mrakas for re-election on behalf of The North Dance Company. As owner of The North Dance Company, a dance studio located in Aurora, I have had the pleasure to get to know Mr. Mrakas during the 2 years we have been in business.

Choosing a location for a business like The North is an important process. Focused on the education of children, it was important that the town where we are located be one with a strong sense of community. Tom Mrakas consistently engages with the community, residents, and business in Aurora. His leadership has given us confidence that we can trust our community and can continue to thrive as a company. Opening The North in 2020, we relied on Mr. Mrakas to stay current with all regulations placed on our business. His knowledge, leadership, and generosity with his time make Mr. Mrakas the ideal candidate as Mayor of Aurora. In short, we are confident Mr. Mrakas is the leadership our community needs to continue effectively navigating these evolving times.

Kasie Colbeck

Kasie Colbeck

Aurora Resident

Tom is a highly engaged and responsive Mayor. Anytime I, or friends have had a concern or issue, Tom has personally reached out to discuss – even going so far as to show up and help during times of crisis (recent storms for example). Tom is accessible, approachable and ready to serve – he ‘gets things done’ – and that matters most to me and my family.

Michelle P. Lewis

Aurora Resident

My first impression of Tom has been a lasting one.  I met Tom at a community event over a decade ago.  He struck me as a kind, genuine and engaging person.  That impression has endured.  Whenever I encounter Tom in the community, which is often, he always greets me, by name, with a warm smile.  Tom has always made himself available when I have had questions or concerns. Tom truly cares about our community and its residents.  Aurora has flourished during Tom’s mayorship.  I endorse our mayor and look forward to another four years.

Jeff Thom

Jeff Thom

Councillor, Town of Aurora (2014-2018)

Having served with Tom on Council over four years, I know first-hand his dedication to the residents of Aurora. As a friend and former colleague, I am proud to support Tom in his re-election as Mayor. Good luck Tom!

Harry & Azar Saberi

Business Owners (Tina's Grill)

We are endorsing Mr.  Tom Mrakas for re-election as mayor for Town of Aurora. Mr. Mrakas will help aurora continue its strong and positive growth and economic development. As owners of a small business (tine’s grill) we witness his leadership and dedication of his time to help community and businesses during difficult times of covid 19 pandemic. We vote for Mr. Tom Mrakas for the best interest of our entire community as Town of Aurora needs a leader like him.

Rita & Jim Thomson

Owners - Aurora Tigers

It is indeed an honour to write a letter of endorsement on behalf of Mr. Tom Mrakas.

We have known Tom for the past 9 years. When we first met Tom, he presented himself as a confident and competent man who sought to extend his vision for the Town of Aurora. We were very impressed with him from the start.

With no exaggeration, Tom has exceeded all expectations as Mayor for the past 4 years. He is personable throughout the community, his vision for improvements in Aurora has put the Town of Aurora on a new level throughout the neighbouring communities.

Tom genuinely takes pride in getting to know and meeting the local residents. It is no surprise that when Tom visits the local establishments everyone knows exactly who he is. That is exactly what a successful mayor is all about. There are no empty promises when it comes to getting things done. Tom delivers!

It has been our pleasure to have known Tom and he has been a tremendous support in furthering our organization throughout the town of Aurora. When it comes to a sports team it is all about community coming together, and Tom is exactly that.

Laura Ront

Laura Ront

Aurora Resident

Tom Mrakas supports his community. Whether it’s connecting you with the right person regarding a concern, showing up at your doorstep to support fundraising within the community or going out of his way to make sure he says hello. It’s important that our town Mayor not only supports our community but also our businesses and town development. He’s already proven this during his term. You’ve got my vote Tom!

Brian Walter

Aurora Resident

When I first met Tom Mrakas as councillor for Aurora I was impressed with his dedication tenacity and vision for Aurora and how he got things done and when he decided to run for Mayor, I backed him wholeheartedly and am glad I did. Mayor Tom is accessible compassionate and driven to make Aurora the best it can be. He is and has been a member of a variety of committees and boards such as chair of parks and recreation, chair of environmental advisory committee and has worked tirelessly on OMB Reforms. We need his strong leadership as Mayor of Aurora to continue because Mayor Tom GETS THINGS DONE!

Irene Skanderis

Resident, Realtor & Teacher

I am endorsing the re-election of Tom Mrakas for Mayor of Aurora. Tom is the best candidate for this position. He has the knowledge, experience and ability to continue revitalizing and improving the Town of Aurora! He works endlessly to keep all Aurorans informed through newsletters and social media.
Tom is approachable and available to answer questions or address concerns that residents may have. He helps guide you in the direction you need to get the information you are looking for. He has on many occasions assisted myself and many others in our community during his four years as Mayor. Tom is most definitely the best leader for the Town of Aurora, he has my vote! Leadership that gets it done! Re-elect Tom Mrakas for Mayor!
Eleisha Stevens

Eleisha Stevens

Citizen of Aurora, Former Board Director of ACOC, Founder of InspireWorx

There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or influence. Those who lead INSPIRE us. Mayor Tom Mrakas is an inspirational leader that consistently demonstrates that the citizens of Aurora are at the heart of his Purpose and Passion. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom through various community functions and events while serving as a member of the Board on the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. Tom actively listens to the needs of people within this great community and takes action with compassion. Tom gets things done, and a friend to us all!

Gino Sgovio

Gino Sgovio

Aurora Resident

Tom has shown in this last term as our Mayor what a true leader in the community is all about. He is always ready to sit with the People of Aurora to discuss ideas and or concerns, looking for ways he can best serve our Town. Its great to know you can call him on any topic and he listens to you which makes you feel like you count and are heard. His full open door style of leadership makes it easy to approach him with anything, be it a great idea to bring to the community, chatting about new and on going projects through the town or raising concerns, he is always ready to sit and listen and work with you. Tom is personable, accountable and transparent, he is a fighter and isn’t afraid to stand up for the people of Aurora. As a Mayor this is very important for the success and growth of our Town. If your at a community event you can bet that Tom is there to greet with a warm welcome. Its for these reasons and many more that i put my full support behind Tom seeking re-election as our Mayor for the Town of Aurora in 2022.

Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Resident (Former Mayor)

Having served Council for 28 years, 16 as a councillor and 12 as Mayor, I have first hand experience on getting things done and being accessible to residents. I respect Tom for his work with Council in taking many items that have been on the agenda for years and putting them into action. He doesn’t lock his door at Town Hall and he goes the extra mile in communicating with residents, especially through social media, something that wasn’t available in my time.

Sean McInnis

Aurora Resident

I would like everyone to know that I endorse Tom Mrakas for Mayor. Tom appreciates and cares for everyone in the community. He is easily approachable and most importantly he cares about the success of our youth. Thank you Tom for all you do for Aurora and I know you will do well in the upcoming election.

Vince Sposito

Aurora Resident & Business Owner (Casa Carbone)

During the last two years, our Mayor, Tom Mrakas has shown  the  leadership that was needed during these very difficult times. His support for small business in our community that was sorely absent and needed from our politicians was a breath of fresh air. Standing up for all of us  and making sure our voices were heard. Thank you

The Honourable Belinda Stronach

Resident & PC & LIB, Member of Parliament, Newmarket-Aurora (2004-2008)

I am supporting Tom Mrakas for reelection as Mayor of Aurora as he has consistently demonstrated committed, community focused leadership over the past 4 years and I look forward to what the future can bring Aurora under his continued leadership.
Meave Mastracci

Meave Mastracci

Business Owner & Aurora Resident since 2004

It is with confidence and pleasure that I support the re-election of Aurora’s Mayor, Tom Mrakas.

I’m proud to call this town my home and I’m grateful for the many wonderful opportunities and experiences available to us as a community.

Tom has always been very approachable and is incredibly accessible because of his commitment to keep us informed and aware of “The Week Ahead” and many other important things happening locally and otherwise.

He’s shown himself to be a caring, kind and forward-thinking man that people enjoy working with – his transparency and leadership have my vote, again.

Tracy Smith

Aurora Resident

Tom Mrakas listens. He cares. And he acts. Never have I ever met a politician that is so connected and responsive to his constituents and their concerns. I have full faith that Tom will continue to move Aurora forward and build upon the gains he has made in his first term as mayor.

Steve Hinder

Volunteer, Co-Chair Philanthropy Cabinet - Southlake Regional Health Centre Foundation

Mayor Tom Mrakas has been a strong advocate for our hospital.  His commitment and on ongoing engagement with Southlake demonstrates his concern for the health and well-being of our community. Looking forward to another 4 years.

Dr. Pat Gamble

Chief of Orthopaedics, Southlake Hospital, Medical Director, Aurora Sports Medicine Professionals

Over the past 4 years I have witnessed Tom’s commitment to the betterment of health care in our community through his volunteer and fundraising efforts. Additionally, I was especially impressed with his leadership through the pandemic. I am pleased to support Tom Mrakas in his re-election bid for Mayor.

Gerry Miller

Aurora Resident

I endorse Mayor Tom Mrakas to be re-elected mayor of the Town of Aurora. Mayor Mrakas, during his inaugural term, has proven himself to be enthusiastic and responsive to the needs of the community, committed to improving infrastructure and social programs in town, expanding sports programs and facilities and most important, proven to be fiscally responsible. As a born and raised Aurora resident I understand the value of continuity and see no reason to change the excellent leadership we presently have.

Frank Giorgio

President, AIIM

I fully endorse Tom Mrakas as Mayor of Aurora. He is honest, fair, responsible, very accessible and willing to work the long hours required. Those that subscribe to his Newsletters are always kept up to date and informed with all that’s happening in Aurora. I can attest to the fact that Mayor Mrakas is very responsive to the needs of the Aurora residents.

The Aurora Town Square is a major coup for our town. Construction is in full swing and once completed it will be a key area in the revitalization of Aurora and an area where all residents can visit and enjoy. Aurora is once again ranked on MacLean’s “Canada’s Best Communities” list. I look forward to his continuation as Mayor of Aurora.

John & Sarah Hartman

Aurora Residents

As residents for more than 21 years, John and Sarah Hartman have seen quite a bit of change within the Town of Aurora. We raised our family in the Town, sent them to school, participated in various sports, leisure, and community events. We have also been stewards of civic responsibility by participating in Town engagement and volunteer activities.

So why do we support Tom Mrakas for Mayor in 2022?

He still represents the culture, managed growth and overall “community” of this Town that attracted us from Ottawa over 20 years ago. In summary, Mayor Mrakas is:

  • Accessible — via phone, Council Meetings, “Coffee with the Mayor” or at various events in Town.
  • Communicative — weekly updates, video posts, newsletters, Chamber, Council, Ratepayers, or other forums. He says what he knows and when he needs to defer to others due to their expertise or knowledge – he will.
  • Action Oriented — He “gets things done”! Some of these may not always be popular, but he always (in our opinion) has the Town’s best interest in mind.
  • Collaborative — he works with others in the Town and beyond (surrounding Mayors, Chambers, businesses, etc) to share the Town’s vision and needs.
  • Accountable — when things go wrong or a wee bit off the tracks – he owns it.
  • Engaged — Mayor Mrakas gets around Town – I support a mayor we can see and talk to.
  • Advocate — for the Towns interest and plans. He is not afraid to take on issues or other areas of government.

We are confident that Tom Mrakas will continue to guide the Town of Aurora over the next term in office and we fully support his run as a Mayoral candidate in 2022.

Connor Tripp

Aurora Resident

As a young adult born and raised in Aurora, I consider Aurora to be the kind of community that I would one day be proud to call home for a family of my own. I have been consistently impressed with the leadership and future foresight for Aurora that Tom Mrakas has navigated over the past 4 years. His previous Council experience combined with his highly visible approach and willingness to stay in touch with top-of-mind issues from both the business and the local communities as well as his advocacy for our Town priorities, has provided a strong balance for growth and strategic planning. His daily communications strategy and updates throughout the pandemic were a constant source of comfort and reliable information during challenging times. Good luck, Tom!

Leona Harvie

Aurora Resident & Business Owner

Mayor, Tom Mrakas is the most approachable, engaged and community involved Mayor I have seen in my 35 years as resident of the Town of Aurora. His dedication to the people, social causes and the many small businesses is like no other.

Mayor Mrakas you have my endorsement, and I hope to “see you around town”, for another four years.

Tom Lawson

Aurora Resident & Business Owner - The Hockey Club Elite Training Centre

My name is Tom Lawson and I am a local Aurora business owner. My business is The Hockey Club elite training centre, we are a skate sharpening and hockey equipment store as well as on ice hockey coaching. We have been in business for four years, two of the years have been through the pandemic. Throughout our years in business I have contacted Mayor Tom Mrakas several times for advice and direction. Tom has always welcomed my phone calls. Tom’s care for our business as well as other local businesses is genuine. Having Tom as the mayor gives me confidence to know that this town is in good hands.

Tom definitely has my vote for this upcoming election.

Clare Cianfarani

Clare Cianfarani

Aurora Resident

I have been a resident of Aurora for over thirty years. When it comes time to vote, I must support the candidate who has a strong vision for the town’s future and who I believe will do the best job in general. I am writing to endorse Tom Mrakas for Mayor.

Tom has a record of success in ensuring all residents are taken care of whenever they have concerns. In addition, he took on a massive project to transform our downtown core into a space to enjoy live music and entertainment as he understood the need for an updated approach to arts and entertainment in Aurora.

This past term was not an easy one for any elected official, navigating everyone through COVID-19. Tom had daily updates and did whatever he could to make sure protocols were Well-established and followed. He continues to support local businesses and makes an effort to get to know the people he serves.

His commitment to growing Aurora and to bringing groups together is a testament to his leadership abilities. Vote for Tom Mrakas on October 24, 2022.

Carole Hayes

Aurora Resident

I support Tom Mrakas as a senior living in Aurora since 1967. He truly does get things done.

Paul Cunningham

Paul Cunningham

Aurora Resident

Thanks for being so in touch with the community and not only listening but acting on concerns. A breath of fresh air.

John Goodrow

Aurora Resident

I endorse and support Tom Mrakas to be reelected as Mayor of Aurora. During Tom’s first term as Mayor he has demonstrated a passion for the planned and disciplined growth of Aurora with his energy in the community and efforts at Town Hall and by being responsible fiscally. Tom is a strong supporter of local businesses, sports teams, specialty groups and individuals; demonstrating his support by attending events constantly. Tom’s short and long-term vision for healthy Aurora growth is reflected in Aurora’s Draft Official Plan Amendment that reinforces the need for disciplined growth for the varied housing needs in Aurora, population growth, business growth, transit focus and growth, while considering the environmental impacts and special culture of Aurora. Tom has been willing to fight for Aurora’s official development plans with the Ontario government when Ontario had different ideas. Tom’s prior experience while serving on Town Council helped create the foundation of what Tom understands the needs and priorities of Aurora to be and he has built significantly on this foundation during his first term as Mayor to justify a second term. Please vote for Tom Mrakas for Mayor of Aurora.

Corby Saltzman

Aurora Resident

The re-election of Mayor Mrakas is vital to the continued growth, inclusiveness and small town feel that defines Aurora. The meaning “Getting things done” has never rained more true than it has in the last 4 years. You don’t have to look further than Yonge and Wellington to view our rainbow crosswalk or just south of there as our library square is taking shape.

In my 16 years here in Aurora I have never seen a politician that is so approachable, willing to listen and have the tough discussions and putting himself out there on multiple social media platforms which allows his constituents to reach out. In Fact our Mayor welcomes it. He is out and about talking with fellow aurorans. Whether it is in Machell alley, Concerts in the park or our very own farmers market, Tom is always there to chat, shake hands and just get to know his fellow Aurorans. Tom will invite anyone for a coffee and a conversation. He is for the people and small businesses. #AuroraProud indeed.

Keith Loo

Business owner, Skinopathy

Mayor Tom Mrakas has been a phenomenal leader for our community. Not only has he helped grow our town’s reputation and attractiveness for investment, but he has also helped to build a better Aurora for us residents.

He is the most engaged mayor I have ever had and is always so mindful of small business owners.

Mayor Mrakas exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. We need his leadership and inclusive approach to continue driving Aurora’s emergence.

Join me and vote for Mayor Mrakas!

Debby & Carl Barrett

Aurora Residents

Debby and I are happy to support Tom for re-election as Mayor of Aurora.  We have known Tom for many years since we both ran for Council in 2014 where Tom’s commitment to the town of Aurora had him elected to his first term.  Tom has always been a champion for the town of Aurora and continues to work hard to make Aurora a great place to live.  His community leadership as Mayor these past four years has had such a positive impact on our town – from navigating the downtown revitalization, to supporting residents and businesses through Covid including the leadership he demonstrated in his role on York Region Council (and so many more accomplishments). We look forward to the next four years under his stewardship.

Rosalyn Gonsalves

George & Rosalyn Gonsalves

Aurora Residents

It is our pleasure to endorse and thank Tom Mrakas for leading our Town through some of the darkest times we have known during our 42 years in Aurora.

Tom is hard-working, dedicated and has the best interest of our Town at heart. When dealing with the various levels of Government, ONE of Tom’s greatest achievements was his Motion to dismantle the antiquated Ontario Municipal Board, which garnered much support from neighbouring municipalities and beyond, even though it was ultimately over turned by the Ford government. That exercise proved his ability to work collaboratively!
Tom has a great sense of inclusivity and is literally everywhere, welcoming new citizens and businesses to our Town.

We look forward to the next four years with Tom Mrakas as our Mayor! Experience matters!!

Glen Payne

Aurora Resident

As an active member of our community,
I have dealt with Tom Mrakas since he was an a Aurora councillor. I have always appreciated his professionalism, courtesies, willingness to listen and effort.
Tom has the daunting task of managing a rapidly growing town and trying to satisfy the needs of its townspeople while still managing to keep a smile on his face every time he’s out greeting people.
Having met Tom on several occasions, he is a clear choice for me to be endorsing and supporting him once again as mayor of Aurora.
Mark Di Palma

Mark Di Palma

Owner, The Hockey Academy Aurora

As a small business owner of The Hockey Academy Aurora, I truly appreciate Tom’s dedication, support, kindness and generosity in the community. He’s a great leader and friend; someone who listens to concerns and implements solutions in a timely fashion. He’s always a phone call or email away. Tom has my vote for a second term as the Mayor of Aurora.

Allison Boyd

20+ year resident, Owner of Gibson Gorup Inc

I am endorsing Tom Mrakas because of his “all-in” dedication to our town. Tom cares about the people of Aurora and ensures everyone feels included and heard.  As a local business owner I am delighted to see the commitment and support he shows to the business community.

John Green

Aurora Resident

I would like to endorse our Mayor, Tom Mrakas, for a second term. As Mayor of Aurora, Tom has shown outstanding leadership, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm in his position of responsibility. He has supported many Town and community events with his presence, regardless of weather conditions. I believe Tom to be an excellent representative on behalf of the Town of Aurora at both Regional and Provincial levels. As Mayor, he has an excellent vision of the future for the Town and I wish him good luck in his bid for a second term.

Dan Kagan

Dan Kagan

Aurora Resident

I have known Tom for many years. In that time, I have witnessed first hand his positive impact to both Aurora’s economic position and social impact. Tom has always put Aurora first and continues to find innovative ways to get our town high on the political map.

An amazing advocate for the community and its diversity and inclusiveness. A true public leader who I highly endorse and support for re-election.

Pete Ferentee

Pete Ferrante

Aurora Resident & Business Owner - Aurora Athletic Club

Tom Mrakas takes the time to understand the issues facing Aurora residents and small business owners then applies a pragmatic, empathetic approach that drives results not just discussion. I am looking forward to seeing Tom continue as Mayor for another 4 years.

Steve D'Angeli

Mike Braithwaite

Community Leader

Mayor Mrakas supports and understands the needs of our most vulnerable and works hard along side community partners to meet them.