Aurora Letters @ Town Square

I am thrilled to share some news that is set to make our Town Square project even more spectacular! After careful consideration and strategic planning, I have added a capital item to the 2024 budget — the addition of captivating Aurora letters similar to the letters at Nathans Phillips Square in Toronto.

Our Town Square project is already set to be a game-changer, reinvigorating our downtown and providing a hub for community events, cultural activities, and social gatherings. The inclusion of illuminated Aurora letters will elevate this project to new heights, a landmark destination that reflects the unique spirit of our town even more brilliantly.

As always, the importance of fiscal responsibility is of the utmost significance, and I am also excited to share that the cost of these stunning letters will be entirely covered through sponsorship. This means that the taxpayers of Aurora will not bear any financial burden for this fantastic addition to our Town Square.

I am looking forward to the addition of this capital item, as we all eagerly await the grand opening of our truly remarkable Town Square – A destination for all our residents! #LeadershipThatGetsThingsDone

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