Broad Consultation ???

Interesting article by the CBC ( I can’t help but be struck by the comments made by Minister Clark. He states, in support of this bill that lays waste to municipal authority in land use planning decisions, that the current Provincial government has consulted “widely” with regards to Bill 108 and uses as evidence of this “wide consultation” the fact that “2000 submissions” have been received of which “85% are from members of the public.”

With greatest respect, how is a tiny fraction of the population’s participation in a skewed questionnaire in any way evidence of broad consultation??

The province of Ontario has a population of 13,448,494 people (as per the 2016 Census). Using the Ministers own numbers, it means that just 1700 people (85% of 2000 submissions) have provided input on the skewed questionnaire.

1700 people out of 13,448,494 or Just .012% of the population…That’s “Broad consultation”??

Contrast that with municipalities that have come out and made their opinions known about Bill 108. As of today over 24 municipal councils have passed motions either demanding a pause on this legislation or outright opposition to it.

Municipal councils that directly represent over 6,288,420 residents oppose this legislation. That’s more than 46% of the population

Its clear, that Ontarians do not want this legislation …

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