Committee Update – One Taxpayer

Last night at Committee, Council unanimously passed (to be ratified at Council next week) a motion that I presented, requesting an Amenity Sharing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with School Boards for Evening/Weekend Gymnasium Use.

Many Councils have grappled with the challenge of cooperation from various school boards to expand accessible recreational opportunities for all organizations and residents. That’s why the main part of this motion is to bring this issue to the attention of the Minister, with hopes of creating a collaborative environment where we collectively ensure the full utilization of gyms in our Town. Our aim is to prevent permit hoarding, promote fair, cost-effective, and equitable access for all residents, recognizing that there’s only one taxpayer.

Consider the fact that despite having close to 20 gyms across our Town, we still face a deficit in gym space. Organizations and residents alike struggle to obtain permits for these facilities. Establishing a more collaborative system, similar to the one we have for outdoor fields like St. Max and the upcoming artificial turf at GW Williams, will lead to a more efficient allocation of resources. This, in turn, will provide stability to all organizations’ schedules, ensuring success not only for the organization but for our athletes too.

While many organizations currently have access to the gyms, it’s crucial that any MOU preserves their uninterrupted use. Ultimately, this motion addresses a long-standing issue for many municipalities across this Province that requires resolution to maximize the use of taxpayer-funded gyms, with all stakeholders – from the Province, school boards, and municipality – working together for the betterment of the community.

I am looking forward to the next steps and the prospect of seeing an MOU presented to Council that benefits everyone involved. #LeadershipThatGetsThingsDone

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  1. Yes. Being involved with Scouting in Aurora, the use of Gyms in schools in necessary. My Group has 2 sections (24 youth sized groups) that need 2 gyms twice a week. Hopefully the availability will continue for 2024 and longer.

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