Council $15,000 Salary Increase

This week at GC, Council deliberated a report concerning Council Compensation. The report made a series of recommendations, many of which I wasn’t entirely supportive of, as I expressed during the meeting.

During the discussion of the report, an amendment was proposed by Councillor Gallo and seconded by Councillor Gilliland. This amendment not only sought to approve the salary increase, it suggested making the increase immediate and retroactive to the beginning of the term. To break it down, this would result in Councillors’ salaries rising from $37,000 to $52,000 – a $15,000 or a 42% pay raise and see $15,000 paid immediately to each Councilor as back pay. Additionally, there would be an increase in the vehicle allowance to $7,000… and 12 months severance… While Council in the majority approved the amendment, I strongly opposed it. I believe any increase in Council compensation should be implemented at the beginning of the next term, in line with our past practice and the recommendation by staff.

Here is what I said…

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  1. My comments regarding increase is there are too many people having a hard time meeting families neccessities of life. Too many can’t afford the increase ,mortage rates loosing their homes. My friend working a food bank told me the increase of people using them is beyond words and don’t have the food to supply and even close down till more supply comes in . There are to many suffering people in many ways, the council ones should feel blessed. Helping in areas needed instead of a pay increase. I offer a senior on fixed income a ride to two different store as the prices were to high for her get what she needed. I help out what I can. People need to think of others. Hard times!! Cut back we all have to do our share.

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