Council Update – Aurora’s Tree Canopy

At this week’s committee meeting, Council discussed our Urban Forest Update. We learned that over a 10-year period, Aurora has increased its tree canopy from 28% to 34%, marking a significant 6% increase.  As a result, Aurora has one of the most significant percentage of tree canopies in York Region. As I said at the table this doesn’t happen by accident, this happens because of Good planning by our staff, and by our Council.

A healthy and growing tree canopy is important to our municipality. And the fact that it is now one of the largest tree canopies in York Region ,  is one of the many incredible things that makes our town one of the best places to live in the entire GTHA.

However, while we have made much positive progress, there’s always room for improvement. Council emphasized the importance of not only approving our Urban Forest Update but also making a commitment as a Town to set our target to 40% for our tree canopy. Setting this ambitious target demonstrates our dedication to leadership in tree canopy preservation within York Region. The motion to commit to a 40% tree canopy target over the next 10 years was unanimous and now awaits ratification at Council.

I am looking forward to continuing our community’s appropriate growth, growth that is envisioned through our Official Plan while preserving and enhancing our cherished tree canopy. #LeadershipThatGetsThingsDone

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  1. Maybe Aurora Council could empower town’s bylaw officers to stop indiscriminate removals of healthy trees from private properties? We have had our share of neighbours removing mature trees for whimsical reasons like enlarging their driveway, walkway or lawn areas, and the bylaw officers were incapable of stopping these actions. Aurora is blessed with many forested private properties, and if one way to get to the set target quicker is to prevent the destruction of the living canopies.

  2. This is great! Wonderful news. A well treed town/city is beautiful, environmentally sensible and quiet needed for shade and keeping the air cool, in the times of climate change to warming.

    I for one would like to see trees planted on the town’s boulevards along Aurora Hts. Blvd. There are trees on private front yards, but most do not canopy over the sidewalks or road. In the summer walking Aurora Hts Blvd. Is quite sunny and hot, especially for the elderly and children. In winter, it is an open wind tunnel. The wind chill factor is quite felt. Orchard Hts Blvd and Kemano Dr. are tree perfect.
    This is especially true of the section of Aurora Hts. Blvd. between Yonge St. and Crawford Rose Rd.
    Thank you for this platform to comment.

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