Council Update – Compensation Increase

As Residents may be aware, last night, Council engaged in a discussion regarding a motion that included a clause to once again include an increase in total Council compensation in the Town’s budget.

The clause in the motion which speaks to compensation read:

“Now Therefore Be it Hereby Resolved That the 2024 budget be amended to include the total cost of Council Compensation as outlined in the October 24, 2023 resolution.”

Simply put, if this motion passed, it would have the effect of reinstating the compensation increase that Council approved on a 4-3 vote in October 2023. That decision, to grant an immediate 42.6% increase in total council compensation garnered overwhelming opposition from the public as evident from the  feedback I received. Therefore, in my capacity as the Head of Council, I took the appropriate procedural and legislative steps to remove the increase from the budget.

Unfortunately, we were back again to discussing this same compensation increase last night.

Council’s vote on the motion resulted in a tie of 3-3 (Councillor Kim was absent). Councillors Gallo, Weese, and Gaertner were in favour, while Councillor Thompson and myself opposed. Notably, Councillor Gilliland abstained from voting, and in accordance with the procedural by-law, any abstention is recorded as a negative vote. Thus, the motion was defeated with a tied vote.

I sincerely hope that we can put this chapter behind us and refocus our efforts on prioritizing the issues that truly matter to the residents we serve and work together to accomplish meaningful and positive progress for Aurora.

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4 Responses

  1. This motion to increase council compensation is a dead issue. Do not bring this up again for this term. Wait until the next election and let the Aurora residents decides who support totally or against. Perhaps a middle ground on this issue can be presented at that time ?

  2. Thank you to those who voted against this motion. A 42% increase during these economic times is absolutely absurd. The residents of Aurora will remember when it is time to vote!

  3. For the umpthient time: would some one please divulge the “honorarium” of the counselors and the number of hours per month they work it.
    Would be jolly nice to know what qualification is required to be on the counsel .

  4. We will remember who not to vote for when the time comes, names have duly been noted.
    It would be informative to know how much the councillors are earning , what other benefits they receive and how many hours a week this “job” requires.

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