Council Update – November 8, 2022

Well this week was the last Council meeting of the 2018 – 2022 term. And what a term it was! From taking bold steps forward towards the revitalization of our downtown with the development of Town Square to navigating a once in a lifetime pandemic… We have much to be proud of in terms of what we have accomplished together over the past 4 years. 

But I think the most important accomplishment was our ability to work together towards the common goal of getting things done for our community.  Over the course of the 2018-2022 term, council voted 890 times on a broad range of issues.  And of those 890 votes, council was able to come to a unanimous decision 82% of the time, and the “split vote” or 4-3 vote, accounting for just 18 votes in total or 2 % of all decisions made.  A clear indication that this Council – a group of 7 individuals with differing opinions, differing perspectives – was able to work effectively for the best interests of Aurora.

I am very proud of how we as a Council were able to collaborate and move our Town forward in a positive direction to truly being the best place to live, work and play.  And while this term might be over, I anticipate the same focus on collaboration at the Council table over the next 4 years because that’s how you get things done. 

As this week saw the last meeting of Council, it was also the last meeting for Councillor Sandra Humfryes. What can I say about Sandra Humfryes… Sandra is one of the most passionate, caring individuals I have ever met. Her love for our Town is unmatched and the 12 years she has spent on Council has been 12 years of building our community and always looking for ways to help those that are in need. She never hesitates when anyone asks for help. I have worked with Sandra on Council for 8 years and our time together is one that I will always remember. I knew Sandra before joining her on Council and I know that our relationship will continue long after both of our terms on Council are over. Sandra will be missed at the Council table for her dedication to our community and for her friendship. Sandra is not only a colleague, she is a friend, she is family and everyone is a better person for knowing Sandra. Thank you Sandra for everything you have done for our Town!!  

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