General Committee Update – May 18, 2021

At General Committee this week, Council had before it a presentation from the Region regarding the Growth Plan and Municipal Comprehensive Review (MCR). These growth targets and plans are what will help guide our Town as we grow to the year 2051. The Region’s growth target for our Town is 84900 residents and 41,000 jobs by 2051. 

Since taking office, I have had many discussions with the Chief Planner at the Region to discuss Regional growth targets for Aurora.  I have focused on how we, as a municipality, can ensure that our share of that growth – growth is mandated by the Province and then allocated by the Region – is acceptable to our community. Over-development is not acceptable to our residents and business owners

As I have always maintained, we as a Town, as a community should have the ultimate say on how and where we  grow.  And we do that by defining our community vision in our Official Plan. I was very pleased to hear from the Chief Planner that he agrees with me; that Aurora can implement planning provisions in our Official Plan that are important to our community –  including height restrictions, low density in the south end and protections that will maintain our green space – and yet still able to meet all the targets that the Province and the Region are forecasting for our Town.

This Aurora specific vision for our Town is what continues to make us a desired place to live, work and play.

As we proceed through this MCR process and forecasted growth plans to 2051, I will continue to work with Planning staff at the Region to protect what’s important to Aurora – our vision for our Town. From the revitalization of our downtown core, to building complete communities that provide more accessibility and more opportunities for walkability, to expanding our extensive trail network – we are planning a future of positive change for Aurora.  This is what will make our town the jewel of the Region.  A Town that brings small town charm with big city amenities.

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