Meeting Residents in the Brentwood Community

This weekend I spent time visiting residents in the Brentwood community ( Woodland Hills Blvd, Duncton Wood Cres, Black Court, Joseph Tuck Ct, and Sherman Oaks Ct) For those of you that are not familiar with this area, it is what I call the forgotten sub-division of Aurora. It is at the corner of St. John’s and Bathurst (North Side) Most people don’t realize that this sub division is part of Aurora.

Well I had a great time meeting and discussing issues and concerns with residents in this area. While there were some smaller issues that I will be bringing up with staff such as parking, crumbling curbs, Ash trees in the area and the treatment for the emerald ash borer, the biggest concern in the area that almost all residents spoke about is with break ins … This area is not the only area to be hit with a rash of break ins. Seems that lately this is happening in areas that back on to open spaces or the trails system. YRP are on top of this and advise everyone to keep on eye out for strange/suspicious people or vehicles in the area, and report anything out of the ordinary. This community has done a great job putting together a neighbourhood watch and they all work together to watch each other’s homes and the area. They have a community newsletter and report anything out of the ordinary. I hope other areas of town begin to do the same and maybe we can stop those that seek to harm residents property. Working together to get things done!!!

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