Meeting Residents on Strawbridge Farm Dr, Hackwood Cres, and Colyton Court

I went out yesterday for what will be my last door-to-door visits for the year. It was a great day with lots of sunshine.    For my last visit, I met with residents on Strawbridge Farm Dr, Hackwood Cres, and Colyton Court. As always it was great to meet with so many Aurorans, and even more wonderful to hear how much they love living in Aurora.  Now that is not to say that residents do not have any concerns. Residents I visited raised a number of issues, some of which I will raise with staff on Monday as I believe they can be resolved quickly. A few others will require more discussion.   A number of residents, for example, raised concerns with the lifting of the winter parking restrictions and the effects it might have. By way of explanation, I noted that the Town is trying out the pilot project as a way to address concerns residents have raised in the past with what some folks feel is an overly restrictive winter parking bylaw.   However, as it is a pilot, I also noted that staff will be monitoring the implementation of this initiative and should any serious issues or complaints arise, staff do have the authority to cancel the project. 

I have truly enjoyed my door to door visits this year.  I had so many opportunities to meet with so many residents, face to face.  I learned a great deal about the concerns residents have and what we as a Council should be and can be doing to address those concerns. I am looking forward to spring time when I will start visiting new streets and possibly yours…. Till then I will continue to work for you to get things done…


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