Official Plan Final

At this week’s General Committee meeting, the Council had the Town of Aurora’s Official Plan review on the agenda, featuring the presentation of the final draft for adoption. Beyond being a mere document, this plan serves as a “Made in Aurora” blueprint for our community’s growth, emphasizing responsible growth while preserving the unique essence that makes Aurora extraordinary. I extend my gratitude not only to the dedicated staff for their hard work in crafting this update but also to the consultants for their expertise, the steering committee, and all the engaged residents who contributed to formulating this Aurora-centric plan.

Our commitment to growth aligns with an unwavering dedication to preserving the character and charm that define our community. This plan is a testament to our collective vision for a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable future, creating opportunities with a diverse housing stock that adds affordability and attainable units to ensure that more people current and future can live and thrive in the remarkable community that is Aurora.

More than a document to meet targets, this plan aspires to exceed expectations. It charts a course for responsible growth, striking a balance between progress and the preservation of what makes Aurora truly special. As reiterated at the Council table, developing a great plan and vision is just a small piece; we need legislative changes from the province to ensure that Official Plans (OPs) have real teeth and hold more value than the paper they are written on. Local OPs have been disregarded for far too long, and that is unacceptable. Encouragingly, recent statements from Alexandru Cioban, a spokesman for Mr. Calandra, highlight that municipalities are best positioned to understand the unique needs and concerns of their communities. I eagerly anticipate working with the Minister on the approval of our OP to turn this belief into reality.

Looking ahead to next week’s Council meeting, I am excited for us to collectively approve our draft plan and embark on a journey to build a future that surpasses not only our targets but also our aspirations for a flourishing and distinctive Aurora. #LeadershipThatGetsThingsDone

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