Thank You

Tom Mrakas
The past few years have really tested us as a community, but I believe we have come through it stronger than ever.
We have navigated a once in a lifetime pandemic as a community united. As your Mayor, I have been fortunate to witness the power of our community connection on a daily basis; the strength, the resilience, the compassion in our community. Everything we have achieved, we have achieved together – Council, staff, businesses, and residents united in common cause for a better Aurora.
When I reflect on the last few years, many things come to mind — but most important is our collective commitment to get things done, to push through politics and make practical decisions in the best interest of our community.
We are a strong, diverse, and inclusive community that is moving in a positive direction. To continue to build a better future for our community, we must continue to work together to get things done.
So I want to say thank you Aurora!
Thank you for stepping up when it mattered most. Thank you for showing Aurora is a community who pulls together. Thank you for being a community who cares.
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