Veto – 42.6% Total Council Compensation ByLaw

Today, I have signed the decision to veto the bylaw proposing a 42.6% increase in total compensation for Council members that was not included in the adopted 2024 budget, the unbudgeted utilization of taxpayer funds for this purpose could potentially interfere with provincial and Town priorities, including anticipated initiatives that may be brought forward in 2024 for affordable housing and infrastructure.
I am hopeful that this action will resolve this matter, enabling Council to refocus on pressing issues such as housing, infrastructure, downtown revitalization and economic growth, thus continuing the positive direction and growth of our community.
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9 Responses

  1. The councillors that voted in favour of this ridiculous wage increase are going to be hard pressed to get my vote in the next election.

  2. Whether economic times are robust or weak, the compensation increases approved by council are way out of line. Shame on them for doing so and let us not enable them the opportunity to continue doing so.

    The position on council is the position with the stated pay. I know of no other working environment that can self-govern and approve their own increases in this manor. Nor do I know of any common employee who can do the same without a change in position and role.

    I fully support the Mayor’s veto action and ask the council to cease efforts in advancing their compensation beyond inflation level increases. The council position is their option to attain, not a right to self-governance of the role.

  3. Mr Mayor
    Once again thank you for not allowing this motion to go through.
    This has been such an irresponsible move. The councilors who voted in favour of the increase are only thinking of themselves not the majority of people who voted for them

  4. Just a quick Thank You Tom, for continuing to veto Gallo, Gilland, Gaertner and Weese’s self-serving motion. It is refreshing to see that our Mayor, the individual who leads Council to serve the needs of their constituents, is grounded in the real world and is confident enough to officially take an unwavering stance against Council behaviour that is 100% self-serving and does nothing to enhance the good of the people of Aurora. As a long time resident of Aurora I really appreciate your stance. Here’s hoping this is the end of this time wasting exercise.

  5. Well done, Mayor Mrakas! Thank you for doing what’s right for the Town and people of Aurora! Very grateful.

  6. Tom has taken appropriate action on this issue. Council members who voted for this inflated compensation have done so with little regard to budget planning, and little regard for how this proposed compensation package may reflect on their ability to be re-elected.
    Support from Aurorans May have been achievable on an appropriate request for an increase to compensation more closely matching CPI or inflation.
    Missing or obscure from both sides of this issue is exactly how current compensation measures against other local communities. Once clearly identified and understood, Aurorans might have been supportive of a mid term increase. However nothing in the Council members voting for a 42% increase seems to reflect a responsible approach.

  7. I totally support Mayor Mrakas for again veto this ludicrous request for the massive increase of salary for themselves. Any reasonable increase in money compensation for a job elected by citizens of Aurora should be proposed for the next up coming election. I totally agreed with those comments posted by Aurorans like me.

  8. Thank You Tom for being the “Buck Stopper” These councillors have wasted so much time to promote their needs instead of their constituents should be reminded who they represent. This type of demand in the competitive real world would be scoffed at.
    They will not get many votes next election.

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