High – Speed Fibre Internet

I am excited to announce that the Town of Aurora has signed an agreement with Fibre internet provider telMAX to bring high speed fibre internet to our entire town at no cost to the taxpayers!!!

This is a very important project for the Town and I want to Thank Ward 4 Councillor Michael Thompson for his tireless efforts on this matter over the years. As a Council, we all recognize the significance of providing fast and dependable broadband access to all residents and businesses in our area.

We know that Aurorans increasingly need more reliable and faster internet, especially with the massive shift we’ve seen in the number of people working from home. The reality is that access to high-speed, affordable broadband and cellular service is now a necessity, not a luxury, especially in today’s economy. And what’s incredibly important for us is that this project will only strengthen the Town’s ability to get critical information to residents and businesses, while also allowing us to explore exciting new initiatives like offering free Wi-Fi at places like Town Park and more…

Creating this infrastructure will help us move towards becoming a ‘Smart Town,’ enhancing our information capabilities and it can open doors to education, economic growth, and more, boosting productivity and local economies. That’s precisely what we aim to achieve – to promote economic development and ensure that everything is easily accessible for our businesses and residents alike. This is such an exciting time for Aurora as we continue to build infrastructure for not only our future but our kids future. #leadershipthatgetsthingsdone

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  1. Is this agreement with telMAX a different service provider that has nothing to do with Bell or Rogers that currently providers internet service, cable and phones to the Aurora residents? If so how will their rates compare? Will they be able to also provide cable TV service?

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