Modernized Property Standards By-Law and Vital Services By-Law

The Aurora Town Council has approved updates to two important by laws: the Property Standards By-Law and the Vital Services By-Law. These changes will be officially put into effect at a future Council meeting.

The modernized Property Standards By-Law aims to keep residents safe and healthy by introducing new rules. Some of these rules include measures to reduce light pollution from outdoor lighting, regulations for lighting and signage in shared areas of apartment buildings, guidelines for maintaining retaining walls, and regulations for the placement and upkeep of clothing donation boxes to prevent illegal dumping.

The proposed Vital Services By-Law focuses on improving living conditions for tenants. It requires landlords to maintain a temperature of at least twenty degrees Celsius in rented residential homes between September 15 and June 1. It also states that temporary heat sources, like space heaters, should not be used as permanent heating solutions. The By-Law ensures that tenants have access to a sufficient supply of hot and drinkable water, and that air conditioning, if promised in the rental agreement, is functional between June 1 and September 14. Lastly, the By-Law prohibits landlords from disconnecting vital services needed by tenants.

I have always believed that it’s Councils job to update our rules and policies to meet the needs of our residents now and in the future. Things change, and our rules and policies need to reflect those changes. Town staff did a great job working with Council and the public to make these updated changes. It’s a great example of everyone working together to get things done for our community. I’m happy that Council agreed and passed these updates unanimously, because they will make a big difference in making sure everyone in our town from homeowners to tenants continue to have a great quality of life in Aurora.

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