Protecting Aurora from over-development

Our Official Plan is the document that sets out our vision for development in Aurora. It is created in consultation with residents.

However, when applications to put five homes on three lots, to double the density on the old Timberlane site and for the complete redevelopment of the historic highland gate golf course came forward, both Geoff Dawe and John Abel voted in favour of those developments which are outside the Official Plan guidelines. Instead they voted for more density and more development.

I did not! Instead, I voted to uphold our Official Plan and protect the vision of our community that our residents expect.

Now, after 8 years of taking an “anything goes” approach to development, Geoff Dawe promises voters that he’ll ask the Province to take a “pause” on future development, whatever a “pause” means.

It’s one thing to promise to protect our greenspace from future developments or to promise to protect our community against unmanaged growth, but residents know that promises made at election time don’t mean much.  It’s the voting records of candidates – the positions they’ve taken on issues that matter –  that tell the real story.

And residents know that when it mattered most, I voted for Aurora.

When it comes to defending our Official Plan and protecting our community from over-development, I have put the best interest of our community first.

That’s getting the right thing done for our community and have the voting record to prove it.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I absolutely agree that Aurora exploded in the last few years it is totally “over development”, there is no proper school support especially Hi-school, traffic is getting worse and Green space that was supposed to be protected has been almost completely developed in the area of Bayview/Wellington/S. Jhons/404HWY.
    Before “jumping the gun of development of new neighborhoods” we should thin of support systems to be built in time.
    Iryna Horyacheva

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